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Background Screening Information

Background checks have become standard operating procedure for businesses large and small and for conscientious individuals who want to avoid a mistake. To a somewhat lesser degree, many individuals are also requesting background information about people who work in their homes, people who care for children and even persons with whom one individual might be considering taking a relationship to the next level.

Each employee represents a certain amount of risk to businesses. Today, almost every new hire is subjected to a background check to confirm their credentials, research their criminal record, review their job history and identify other characteristics that could prove problematic to the employer. Individuals rely on background information to reduce their personal risk, increase the household safety, the children’s safety and to ensure the person is who they say they are.

Statistics You Should Know

• According to the US Department of Justice, 1.7 million workdays are lost each year as a result of workplace violence.

• Workplace violence accounts for about $55 million in lost wages every year.

• In the US, 5% of the typical organization’s annual revenue is lost to occupational fraud every year.

• The average amount of occupational loss cases is about $140,000.

• More than 20 percent of fraud cases exceed $1 million.

• 30% of employees admit stealing from employers.

• 41.2% of admitted employee thieves are managers!

• 19.3% of employee thieves are owners or executives.

• The replacement cost of a bad hire runs between 1 and 5 times the annual salary of the bad hire.

There are many more startling statistics like this that have made the background check part of workplace hiring. But, there are other reasons businesses insist upon these checks before hiring.

Regulatory, Insurance and Customer Confidence

Government regulations mandate background checks for a number of jobs. Insurance companies insist upon better hiring safeguards and background checks have proven to reduce problems before they occur. Additionally, if employees are handling inventory, customer money or arranging financing, a background check policy can inspire consumer confidence.

There is support for businesses that use background checks as part of the hiring process. Consumers believe these businesses are:

• Better Managed

• Safer workplaces

• Willing to invest in employees

• Easier to do business with

It should be noted that there are reliable background check providers and others that are substandard. A flimsy background check can leave many unanswered questions and can be as dangerous as no background check. Basically, employers who invest in comprehensive background checks receive more detail about the prospective employee and their past.


From nannies, to cooks, lawn maintenance people and delivery people, homeowners are becoming more cautious about protecting their home and family. The background check can prevent a potential disaster before it occurs. Anyone can claim skills and a clean past on a job application.

The only way to know about a person’s past is through a responsible background check. If an individual will handle any aspect of your personal life, assets, liabilities or personal property, wouldn’t you feel better entrusting those responsibilities to someone you know has the qualifications they claim?

Whether you are a business owner, manager or individual relying on another unknown person, the background check should be part of your due diligence. No screening is complete without accurate background information.

• Are they a sex offender?

• Have they committed violent crimes?

• Are they married? How many times?

• Have they been convicted of larceny?

So many possibilities! If you have multiple candidates for the same position, the chances are good that results from a comprehensive background check can be the tool to influence your decision.

While businesses have come to rely upon these checks, more and more individuals have used one or more background checks as part of their screening for personal matters, including potential relationship partners. When you want to avoid a mistake, the background check is the tool that can provide everything you need to know that your decision is a good one.